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Customer Testimonials

Who would have thought a 50 year old woman could look and feel like a 20 year old! Thanks to Shannon's extensive knowledge and incredible skills she pulled it off!!! I cant thank her enough for the boost in confidence she gave me! In the words of Arnold Schwartzenegger " I'll be back!!!" 



Shannon, thanks again for helping me look amazing on my wedding day. You took in to consideration the style I sent you beforehand but read my mind and took away my fears about having to much makeup with your color choices. I wanted my eyes to pop and by using the cooper eyeliner instead of black you achieved a natural look that drew attention to my blue eyes. Thank you for being prompt and staying a few extra minutes to touch me up after getting the dress on. It was a wonderful experience. Thanks! 


Wow!! I can't believe how easy it was to work with you. Shannon has a great sense of fashion, she knows what hair style and make up look good with what clothes. She is so fun to work with. Really amazing results. Loved her work and I will use her again. I also recommend her to everyone



Shannon you really are amazing!!! Thank you so much for making my natural makeup look so wonderful in the sunlight photoshoot. Also, thank you so much for always going above and  beyond and making my eyes look  just like BeyoncĂ©'s for my tap show. You truly are amazing at what you do!

- Chelsey